Our story

Hello! We're Alisa and Joanna. We love having stunning designs on our nails but our full-time desk jobs makes it impractical to have acrylic nails.

But guess what? We've found the perfect solution! We started making acrylic press on nails for ourselves and realised that a lot of our friends have the same dilemma. So we thought, why not share it with other people? Our acrylic press on nails are designed for those spontaneous nights out and relaxing weekends. Now, you too can enjoy professionally done nails without leaving your cozy home, all at a fraction of the traditional salon cost. 

The best thing is that you can now match different outfits with different nail designs! Because our acrylic press on nails are that easy to apply and remove. Say goodbye to hours of time and hundreds of dollars spent at nail salons, and no more awkward nail growth! 

We hope you love our nail designs and thanks for checking us out 💗